DeSecure Blockchains

Our research directions include the following: new blockchain consensus mechanism, crypto economy, governance, and compliant smart contracts

Research Areas

EECPoW Consensus Engine

Our EECPoW consensus mechanism is a foundation of DeSecure blockchains.

  • We combine SHA256 with LDPC decoder
  • We allow change the difficulty level in PCM
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Profitable Double Spending Attacks

We develop new theorems and propositions for

  • Probabilistic behaviors of attack sucess time
  • Conditions for profitable DS attacks
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Development of DeSecure Blockchain Engine

Our future plans.

  • DeSecure engines based on GIST ECCPoW patent
  • Hardfork BTC-ECC, ETH-ECC using DeSecure engines
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Research Funding Sources


  • National Science Foundation
  • National institute of Health
  • National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Agency of Defense Development
  • Electronics and Communications Research Institute
  • Hanhwa Systems
  • LIG Nex1
  • Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
  • GIST Technology Institute

International Collaborators

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  • University of Pitsburg
  • Caltech
  • University of California Berkley


Blog Posts


GIST Course EC6309-01 Blockchain and Future Society

prof. Heung-No Lee March 4, 2019 Class

Blockchain class 2019.

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Blockchain Lectures (GIST)

host: prof. Heung-No Lee March 7, 2019 Lecture

홍은표 판사, 블록체인과 시민 사회.

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ETH Korea

PhD Jang Jehyuk May 28, 2019 Presentation

ETHCON KOREA 2019 장재혁발표

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